Lynch Syndrome and Colon Cancer

Last Modified: May 7, 2012


Due to Lynch Syndrome, I had my colon removed and a complete hysterectomy. 3 tumors were found in my colon, 1 in my uterus. Since then my adrenal glans have shut down (Addison's) and I have been diagnosed with R/A. Are the 3 somehow connected? Is there any way to treat me as a whole?


Bruce Giantonio, MD, Medical Oncologist at Penn Medicine, responds:

That is a very good question. While we commonly think of colon cancers when we think of the Lynch syndrome, there are other cancers associated with that syndrome as well, including uterine cancer. But, I am not aware of a link between lynch syndrome and rheumatoid arthritis. Unfortunately each cancer will need to be addressed separately, as will the RA. Adrenal insufficiency most often is a side effect of medications, so it would be worthwhile making sure that was considered. I hope this helps.

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