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"Base Tan" in a Tanning Booth
"Base Tan" in a Tanning Booth
"Dumping Syndrome" after Surgery
"Warning Signs" of Pancreatic Cancer
Accessing the American Cancer Society Resources
Activity Restrictions Prior To PSA Testing
Acupuncture When Blood Counts are Low
Adenomatous Polyps
African Americans should have Colonoscopy Screening at a Younger Age
Alcohol and Cancer Risk
Alternative Therapies for Treatment
Am I Fertile?
Appetite during Treatment
Are my Kids at Risk for Colon Cancer?
Avoid Certain Yoga Poses?
Balancing Vitamin D Needs and Sun Exposure
Benefits of Quitting Smoking After Long History
Bereavement Resources
Blood Cell Counts Bouncing Back
Body Image Concerns for Men
Bone Metastases in Pheochromocytoma
Bone Scan Results
BRAF Gene in Melanoma
Breast Cancer Pathology
Breast Self Exam
Calcifications And Dense Tissue On Mammogram
CAM For Hot Flashes
CAM Makes Me More Anxious?
Can CAM Treat Cancer?
Can I Ask About A Surgeon’s Personal Complication Rates?
Can I Eat Red Meat If I Have Colon Cancer?
Can I Have Surgery After Radiation?
Can I Keep My Job?
Can I Stop Chemo?
Can Non-Melanoma Turn Into Melanoma?
Can other things besides cancer cause a tumor marker to be high?
Cancer As A Chronic Illness
Cancer Caused By Exposures At Work
Cancer Remission
Cancer Risk with Cigars
Cancer Screening Tests
Cancer Treatment and a Living Will
Cancer Treatment and Workplace Disclosure
Carcinoid Patients & Kids at Higher Risk For Cancer?
Caregiver Exposure to Chemotherapy
Caregiving From a Distance
Caregiving From a Distance: Finding Local Resources
Cell Phones and Cancer Risk
Checking Blood Counts During Radiation
Chemo Brain
Chemoebolization for Liver Cancer
Chemotherapy and Pharyngeal Cancer
Chemotherapy and Radiation at the Same Time for Laryngeal Cancer
Chemotherapy Safety at Home
Child Bearing after Cancer Treatment
Colon Cancer Risk With No Family History
Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines
Colonoscopy After Polyps
Colonoscopy Under 50 Years Old
Communicating after Surgery
Compression Sleeve Use with Lymphedema
Considering Tax Implications in Financial Planning
Continuing Drug After Allergic Reaction
Coping with Loss During the Holidays
Costs for Getting to Treatment
Credentials Of Therapists
CT Scan Versus MRI
Daily Radiation
Dangers of Extended Radiation Treatment
Dangers of extended radiation treatment
Dangers of Smokeless Tobacco
Diabetes After Pancreatic Cancer
Diarrhea A Year After Radiation
Diet and Preventing Recurrence of Breast Cancer
Diet to Improve Blood Counts
Dietary Recommendations  after Esophageal Cancer Treatment
Dietary Soy After Breast Cancer
Difference Between Complementary, Alternative & Integrative Therapy?
Disability Resources
Disfigurement after Throat Cancer Surgery
Do I Have To Tell My Employer I Have Cancer?
Do I Need Genetic Counseling & Testing?
Do Polyps Mean I Have Colon Cancer?
Does Massage Help Relieve Pain?
Does Radiation Make You Radioactive?
Dry Mouth during Cancer Treatment
Dry Skin and Radiation
Eating after Treatment
ED After Surgery
Effects on the Arms after Neck Surgery
Effects on the Tongue after Surgery
Electronic Cigarettes
Employer Says I Shouldn’t Work During Treatment
Estate Planning and Legal Advice During Cancer
Evaluating Breast Cancer Risk
Exercise During Chemotherapy
Exercise Precautions During Cancer Treatment
Exercise Precautions During Cancer Treatment
Expediting an EEOC Case
Expiration of Sunscreen
Familial Colorectal Cancer
Family History Of Breast Cancer On Father's Side
Fatigue Continues After Treatment
Fatigue During Radiation
Fear of Recurrence
Feeding Tubes and Radiation for Esophageal Cancer
Feeding Tubes During Treatment
Feeling "Back to Normal"
Feeling Tired After Treatment
Fertility and Cancer
Fertility Preservation Options
Financial Pressures of the Holidays
Finding A Music Therapist
Finding Support for Kids During Cancer Treatment
Finding The Right Music Therapy
Finding The Right Music Therapy
FNA Biopsy (Fine Needle Aspiration)
Foods To Prevent Nausea
Foods With Tyramine and Carcinoid
Friends Stop Coming Around
Getting Back To Life As A Survivor
Getting Back to Normal
Getting Back to Work After Cancer
Getting Back to Your Old Self
Getting Insurance After Cancer
Ginger & Sea Bands For Nausea
Giving HPV Vaccine at Young Age
Gleason Differs On Biopsy & Pathology Report
Grade On Pathology Report
Health Risks of Radon
Help at Home
Help Finding Resources During Cancer Treatment
Helping Kids Deal With a Parent's Diagnosis
Helping your Children Cope During your Cancer Treatment
High Cholesterol After Treatment
Homosexuality and Cancer Risk
Hormone Replacement Therapy and Cancer Risk
Hospice Care for Pancreatic Cancer
Housing Resources during Treatment
Housing When Treatment is Far From Home
How Do You Perform a Skin Exam?
How does having colitis affect colon cancer screening?
How Does Radiation Work?
How Efficacious Is Acupuncture?
How Long Is A Radiation Treatment?
How Much Sunscreen to Use?
How To Relax During Cancer Treatment?
HPV and Head and Neck Cancers
HPV Spread During Kissing
HPV Treatment
HPV Vaccines
HPV Vaccines After Exposure
HPV Vaccines Prevent Head & Neck Cancers
If Tumor Marker Is Higher, Does That Mean I Have More Cancer?
Imagery and Cancer
IMRT vs Traditional Radiation
Ingredients to Look for in Sunscreen
Insulin Resistance and Breast Cancer
Interpreting CEA Levels
Intimacy After Cervical Cancer
Is 5FU Safe for Cardiac Patients?
Is It OK To Exercise On Day Of Treatment?
Is Massage Ok With Lymphedema?
Is Massage Ok With Lymphoma
Is Prostate Cancer More Common in African-American Males?
Issues with Swallowing During Treatment
Just Not "Up" for the Holidays
Life after Stomach Cancer
Life Insurance After Cancer
Lifting Weight After Breast Cancer
Listening to Music during Chemotherapy
Living Far From Treatment Facility
Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers
Lung Cancer Recurrence
Lung Cancer Spread to the Brain
Lung Cancer Support Online
Lynch Syndrome and Colon Cancer
Making a Survivorship Care Plan
Managing Diarrhea With Pancreatic NET
Massage After Lymph Node Dissection
Massage Therapist Get Special Training To Work With Cancer Patients?
Medication & Co-Pay Assistance
Men And Colon Cancer Risk
Microwaved Foods and Cancer Risk
Moles That Have Never Seen the Sun
Mouth Sores after treatment
Moving On After Treatment
MSI High and Low
Mucus after Radiation Treatment
Natural Remedies For Constipation & Diarrhea
Nearing End of Treatment Fears
Necrotic Tumor
Neuropathy During Chemotherapy
Never Had Colonoscopy Makes Risk Higher?
New Pap Testing Guidelines
New Therapy for Lung Cancer in the News
Non-Invasive Tumor
Normal PSA Zero?
Nutrition and Chemotherapy after Gastric Bypass Surgery
Nutrition and Diarrhea After Whipple Surgery
Nutritional Supplements Drinks after Radiation
Nutritional Supplements During Cancer Therapy
Occupational Radiation Exposure and Cancer Risk
Options for Nutritional Supplements
Oral Cancer & HPV
Osteoporosis Risk
Osteoporosis Risk After Cancer Treatment
Out of Pocket Expenses during Cancer Care
Pain Management during Treatment
Pancreatic Cancer and Family History
Pancreatic Cancer and Genetics
Pancreatic Enzymes and Suggested Doses
Pap Smear After Hysterectomy
Past Melanoma, Could I Develop Others?
Pathology Report Shows "Slow-Growing" Cancer?
Paying for a Wig
PET Scans Following CRC Treatment
Plastic Baby Bottles and Cancer Risk
Power of Attorney
Pre-Planning Funeral Arrangements
Pregnant with Breast Cancer
Preventing HPV Spread During Oral Sex
Protection After Melanoma
Proton Therapy For Prostate Cancer
Proving HPV Cause
PSA After Radiation?
Quitting Alcohol and Tobacco Use After Cancer Diagnosis
Quitting Smoking After Lung Cancer Diagnosis
Radiation for Cancer Treatment and Second Cancer Risk
Radiation Therapy For Ovarian Cancer?
Radiology Tests and Cancer Risk
Rash From Tarceva
Recovery Time From Moh's Surgery
Red Meat & Colon Cancer Risk
Reducing Risk of HPV-Related Oral Cancers
Reducing Risk Of Lymphedema?
Reducing Your Risk of Colon Cancer
Reiki in Cancer Care
Removal of Voice Box after Laryngeal Cancer Surgery
Resources to Quit Smoking
Restrictions With A Port
Results from Lung Cancer Screening Trial
Retrograde Ejaculation after Radiation for Rectal Cancer
Returning to Work
Ride Home After Colonoscopy
Ringing in the Ears after Treatment
Risk Factors for Melanoma
Risk For Darker Skinned People
Risk If Family Member Had Ovarian Cancer
Risk to Self Tanner Lotions?
Risks of developing Lymphodema
Robotic Versus Open Prostatectomy
Safety of Clinical Trials
Safety of E-Cigarettes
Safety of Tanning Booths
Safety of Tanning Salons
Safety With Oral Chemotherapy Medication
Screening a Young Child With MEN Mutation
See a PT After Surgery to Prevent Lymphedema?
Seeds Or IMRT?
Sentinel Node Biopsy
Shark Cartilage
Should My Tumor Marker Go To Zero?
Should people with melanoma stay out of the sun at all times?
Should people with melanoma stay out of the sun at all times?
Side Effects of Smoking and Drinking during Treatment
Side Effects of Whole Brain Radiation
Sigmoidoscopy Versus Colonoscopy
Simulation for Radiation Therapy
Skin Cancer After Radiation Treatment
Skin Cancer Come Back In The Same Place?
Small Nodule on CT Scan
Smoking Cessation Aids
So, Did You Smoke?
Someone To Care For My Children
Soy and Wine After Breast Cancer
Soy Products After Breast Cancer
Special Diet During Treatment?
Sperm Banking
SPF of a T-Shirt
Spousal Support Groups for Cancer Treatment
Spray on Sunscreen
Stool Testing for Colon Cancer Screening
Stopping Neurontin and Oxycontin
Sun Exposure and Cancer Risk
Sun-Safe Clothing
Supplements For Hot Flashes
Support on Balancing Work & Family and Cancer Treatment
Surgery Necessary for Biopsy?
Survivorship Resources
Swallowing and Thick Liquids
Talking to Kids About HPV
Talking With Family & Friends About Cancer Diagnosis
Tandem & Ovoid Therapy
Tapping into Life Insurance Value
Telling a Prospective Employer About Cancer
Testing Pre-Mastectomy
The Effects of Chemotherapy and Radiation Therapy Given Together
Thyroid Issues after Radiation
Toddlers & Sun Screen
Training to Prevent Lymphedema with a PT?
Training to Prevent Lymphedema: Sentinel Node Biopsy
Training to Prevent Lymphedema: Starting Slow?
Traveling for Treatment
Treatment Options for Stage II Colon Cancer
Treatment Recommendations By Age?
Trouble Concentrating & Studying After Cancer
Trouble Swallowing after Treatment
Tumor Markers
Underinsured and Help With Treatment Costs
Underinsured and Help With Treatment Costs
Understanding SPF
Vaccinating Boys Against HPV
Vaginal Dilators After Radiation Therapy - Are They Necessary
Vigilant Sun Protection and Still Got Melanoma
Vitamin C
Weight and Cancer Risk
Weight Gain After Breast Cancer
Weight Gain on Tamoxifen
Weight loss and Pancreatic Cancer
What Age to Stop Screening for CRC?
What Are Energy Blocks?
What Are The Best Foods For Cancer Prevention?
What Does the Prostate Do?
What foods can I eat that are easy to swallow since my throat is so sore from radiation?
What Herbal Supplements During Cancer Therapy?
What is Complementary Therapy?
What Is Free PSA?
What is meant by "4 out of 10 nodes positive?"
What is meant by "clear margins?"
What is nadir and neutropenic?
What is staging?
What is the difference between PET and PET/CT?
What SPF and Ingredients to Use?
What To Say To Family Members With Cancer?
What Type of Exercise During Cancer Therapy?
What Type of Exercise During Cancer Therapy?
What Type Of Massage Is Better During Cancer Treatment?
What Types Of Cancer Can Benefit?
When to Start Hospice?
When To Start PSA Screening?
When to Take Pancreatic Enzymes
Why No Weight Loss During Treatment?
With or Without Contrast?
Working During Cancer Treatment
Working During Treatment for Lung Cancer
Working Long Hours During Treatment
YAs and Parent’s Health Insurance
Young Adult Online Resources

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