Colorectal Cancer

Anal Fissure Therapy
Anal Fissure Therapy
Anal Sex After Treatment for Anal Cancer
Anal Sphincter Preservation or Replacement after Rectal Cancer
Are pets a concern during cancer treatment?
Can hemorrhoids lead to rectal or colon cancer?
Can Irritable Bowel Syndrome lead to Colon Cancer?
Can surgery spread cancer?
Cancerous Polyp - Is Surgery Required?
CEA and the Oncoscint Scan
CEA as a screening tool
CEA Level
CEA Levels and Colon Cancer
Cetuximab for Stage III Cancer
Change in stool caliber
Chemotherapy and Follow Up After B2 Colon Cancer
Chemotherapy for Mucinous Adenocarcinoma of the Colon
Clinical presentations of colon cancers
Colon cancer screening for at risk children
Colon Cancer Screening Methods for Young People with Family History
Colon Cancer Screening Tests
Colonic Enemas and Colon Cancer
Colonoscopy After Polyp Removal
Considering genetic testing for colon and breast cancers
Correlation with uterine, colon and breast cancers
Cutting Edge Cancer Treatments
Deciding if Postoperative Therapy is Needed
Detecting HNPCC
Diet and the prevention of colon cancer
Do you need a colostomy for colon cancer?
Does aspirin use prevent the development of colon cancer?
End stage rectal cancer
Exercise for pelvic radiation fibrosis
Familial Adenomatous Polyposis (FAP) treatment
Family History and Risk for Colon Cancer
Family History Of Colon Cancer And Ulcerative Colitis
Flat Polyp Detection
Frequency of colonoscopies with family history of colon cancer
Frequency of colonoscopy after removal of cancerous polyp
Gas After Bowel Surgery
Genetic testing for FAP
Guidelines for Colorectal Cancer Screening
Hereditary Colon Cancer
Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer
Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer Surveillance
How can I prevent getting colon cancer?
How long do I need to wait after surgery for radiation?
How villous adenoma relates to carcinoma
Immunochemical fecal occult blood test (iFOBT)
Increase in CEA After Colon Surgery
Information on 'Virtual Colonoscopy'
Insurance Coverage for Colonoscopy
Intramucosal Polyp
Invasive Colon Adenocarcinoma
Is Colon Cancer Hereditary?
Is impotence a side effect of radiation for colorectal cancer?
Is it possible to miss a tumor during a colonoscopy exam?
Is it safe to do colonoscopies while on Coumadin?
Is there an association between thyroid cancer and colon cancer?
Laxative Use and Colon and Rectal Cancer
Looking for a surgeon to treat colon cancer
Lynch Syndrome
Magnification Colonoscopy
Neurological Deficits and Colon Cancer
Nutrition for cancer patients after gastric bypass surgery
Nutritional Changes Following Substantial Colon Resection
Polyps and the Symptoms of Colon Cancer
Premature menopause and vaginal stenosis
Prognostic Factors for Colon Cancer Including Genes
Questions about an Upcoming Colon Surgery
Radiation after colon surgery
Radiation and chemotherapy at the same time
Radiation before surgery to "shrink the tumor" and avoid a colostomy
Radiation Burns
Radiation for T1 Cancerous Polyp of the Rectum
Radiation Prior to Surgery for Rectal Cancer
Rectal Bleeding
Rectal Bleeding and flat stools
Rectal Bleeding and Rectal Cancer
Rectal Cancer Treatment Options
Rectal Mucus after Colostomy
Recurrence statistics for Stage III Colon Cancer
Relationship between HPV and rectal cancer
Retrograde Ejaculation
Rising CEA after colon cancer treatment
Rising CEA after stage II colorectal cancer
Rising CEA after Surgery
Risk of Injury from Colonoscopy
Risks and benefits of colonoscopy for elderly patients
Risks of colon cancer after multiple polyp removals
Risks of Colonoscopy
Risks Of Radiation Therapy For A Lupus Patient
Screening Options when Insurance Companies Refuse to Precertify a Colonoscopy
Side effects of radiation to the colon
Side Effects of Radiation to the Rectum
Side-Effects and Recurrence Rates of Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer
Signet ring cell colon cancer
Specialty Pharmacies
Stage 1 Colon Cancer
Stage IV colon cancer
Survival after 5 years for colon cancer
Symptoms After Colon Cancer Surgery
Symptoms of Colon Cancer
The Frequency of Screening Colonoscopies
Transanal vs. abdominal surgery for rectal cancers
Treatment and Follow-up Options after Colon Cancer
Treatment for Stage IV Colon Cancer
Treatment Options After Failed Chemotherapy
Treatment options for a 95 year old with rectal cancer
Treatment Options for Dukes Level C Colon Cancer
Ulcerative Colitis and Non-colorectal Cancer
Video Capsule Endoscope
Villous adenoma
What are the risks of metastases to the brain with colon cancer?
What are the Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Colon Cancer?
What are the standard colon cancer treatment options by stage?
What is a Barium Enema?
What is a Colonoscopy?
What is a Digital Rectal Exam?
What is a polyp?
What is a Sigmoidoscopy?
What is an Endoscopic Ultrasound?
What is Fecal Occult Blood Testing?
What is meant by "a change in bowel habits"?
What is my risk for other cancers after colon cancers?
What is the best way to get 5-FU (fluorouracil) (by IV, continuous infusion, or pill)?
What is the risk of developing colon cancer in a person with Chron's disease?
Why do I need chemotherapy after my bowel resection?
Young patient with colon cancer symptoms

ASCO: Gastrointestinal Cancer Treatments Analyzed

May 23, 2015 - In patients with synchronous stage IV colorectal cancer who receive up-front modern combination chemotherapy, immediate colon surgery to remove the primary tumor is seldom necessary, according to research presented at the annual meeting of the American So

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