Visions for Cancer Recovery: A Guided Visualization and Health Meditation

Reviewed By: Carolyn Vachani, MSN, RN, AOCN
Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: March 4, 2007

OncoLink Review - Visions for Cancer Recovery
Author: Mary Hallman
Publisher: Integral Visions
Information: $24.95 US + S&H
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OncoLink Rating: 3 Stars

Mary Hallman was diagnosed with an advanced stage of fallopian tube cancer in 1995. During her years as an intensive care nurse, she had developed a strong interest in complementary therapies. So, facing grim statistics for survival, she dove head first into her treatment, which consisted of surgery and several months of chemotherapy. She did this, all the while incorporating the practices of complementary medicine that she had studied over the years.

Mary sought a place to escape the negativity of her prognosis and treatment, even if that place was only in her mind. She found that deep relaxation helped her deal with the diagnosis and treatments and soon discovered a recurring vision during these relaxation sessions. She repeatedly visualized her body fighting the cancer cells and winning. This imagery and deep relaxation became the basis for Visions for Cancer Recovery.

Visions for Cancer Recovery is a DVD narrated by Mary, guiding the viewer through a relaxation session of just under 20 minutes and incorporating the visualization of the body destroying cancer cells. This video can be used throughout treatment and recovery: in the home, infusion clinic, hospital, or anywhere the patient sees fit. Mary found that performing some piece of relaxation every day helped her get through the stress of treatments and the uncertainty of recovery. Several cancer centers have begun using the video for their education channels or as part of a support group. You can find out more about Mary and the Visions for Cancer Recovery project at