Foundations and Organizations Dedicated to Helping People with Cancer

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The Abramson Cancer Center of the University of Pennsylvania
Last Modified: January 22, 2009

The American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation (ANRF)
An organization that creates comprehensive educational programs for school-age youth on issues of smoking prevention and their right to breathe smokefree air.

Brave Kids
Mission is to help children with chronic, life-threatening illnesses or disabilities by connecting them to medical information and resources such as financial assistance, camps, support groups, dental assistance, child care and health services. Site has message boards for parents & kids.

Children's Brain Tumor Foundation
Provides an array of information and resources to assist you in accessing expert care to ensure quality of life for the child in your life with a brain or spinal cord tumor.

I Care I Cure: supports the development of, and raises public awareness about, cutting-edge, targeted therapies for childhood cancer, so that the treatment of childhood cancer will be gentler and more tolerable.

The International Myeloma Foundation
The International Myeloma Foundation web site provides access to information and services of interest to everyone battling myeloma- patients, their families/caregivers, physicians and scientists.

Lymphoma Research Foundation of America
Founded in 1991 by Ellen Glesby Cohen after she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It was the first organization targeted specifically at funding lymphoma research on a national basis. Its goal is to promote and support high quality research which will produce better treatments and ultimately result in a cure for the disease.

National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance (NCCRA)
co-founded by NBC TODAY show co-anchor Katie Couric and nationally-known cancer fundraiser Lilly Tartikoff, The National Colorectal Cancer Research Alliance was founded with the twin goals of raising awareness of the seriousness of colorectal cancer and increasing the number of people receiving preventive testing for colorectal cancer; as well as raising funds for those scientists doing the best cutting-edge research throughout the United States.

The National Foundation for Cancer Research (NFCR)
Founded in 1973 to support cancer research and public education relating to the prevention, early diagnosis, better treatments and ultimately, a cure for cancer.

R.A. Bloch Cancer Foundation, Inc.
A resource dedicated to empowering cancer patients.

Women's Health Check
This site is dedicated to heightening breast and cervical cancer awareness for women in the state of Idaho and throughout the world. They offer programs for low income and uninsured women to receive preventative check-ups. Its mission is to provide low- or no-cost breast and cervical cancer screenings to underserved, uninsured women over age 50 who are at high-risk for breast and cervical cancers.