Medications, Health History and Cancer Risk

Certain medical conditions and medications can increase cancer risk. These articles address some of those concerns.
Diethylstilbestrol (DES) Exposure
DES was the first synthetic estrogen and was given to pregnant women from 1938-1971 to prevent miscarriages. It was found to cause health issues for the children born of these pregnancies (called DES daughters, DES sons).
How a Women's Health History Affects Cancer Risk
Certain pieces of a woman’s health history can mean that her risk of developing breast cancer is higher. For most women, these are not factors that can be changed, but many women want to know about risks that may exist.
Atipical Hyperplasia
This condition is an abnormal overgrowth of cells in the breast tissue. It is not cancer, but increases the risk of breast cancer in the future.

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