Melanoma Awareness Month

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Last Modified: May 5, 2002

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May is Melanoma Awareness Month. Please visit the following OncoLink resources for more information on skin cancer and melanoma.

• Types of Cancer
Melanoma: The Basics 
Melanoma ListServs 

NCI/PDQ® Articles
Prevention of Skin Cancer  
Prevention of Skin Cancer  
Search: Hereditary Melanoma - October 2002 
Search: Therapy of Melanoma - October 2002 
Search: Intraocular Melanoma - October 2002 
Search: Intraocular Melanoma - September 2002 
Search: Therapy of Melanoma - September 2002 

Melanoma intraocular (relativo al ojo) 
Intraocular (Eye) Melanoma 
Melanoma intraocular (relativo al ojo) 

• Cancer Resources
Metastatic Melanoma 

• Ask the Experts
The Role of PET in Melanoma 
PET for breast cancers and melanoma 
Parrot with melanoma 

• OncoLink Library
Follow-up recommendations for Patients with American Joint Committee on Cancer Stages I-III Malignant Melanoma 
Melanoma Prevention, Detection & Treatment 
Does This Patient Have a Mole or a Melanoma? 

• OncoTips
Early Detection of Melanoma 

• Cancer News
Glutamate protein implicated in melanoma 
Melanoma prognosis unaffected by pregnancy 
Detection of circulating melanoma cells does not improve prognostic assessment 
Melanoma mortality greater in UK than in Australia 
Moles unlikely to transform into melanomas 
Adequate follow-up contributes substantially to survival of melanoma patients 
Some radiologic technologists at increased risk for melanoma 
Survivin gene expression in lymph nodes prognostic in melanoma patients 
Sentinel node with highest isotope count may not contain melanoma metastases 
Nitric oxide may contribute to melanoma progression via MMP upregulation 

• Conferences
Long Term Survival Of Stage II And III Melanoma Patients With Respect To Serial Tyrosinase RT-PCR Testing In Peripheral Blood 
The Role Of Sentinel Lymphadenectomy In Thin Cutaneous Melanomas 
Melanoma Patients Could be Spared Radical Surgery by Sentinel Node Mapping 
Cancer Vaccine Triggers Immune System to Recognize Melanoma 
Interferon Therapy Delays Disease Recurrence and Prolongs Survival in Patients with Resected Melanoma 


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