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Finding Meaning in Your Cancer Journey

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At first glance, many people who have never had cancer would think this sounded ridiculous. What meaning could there possibly be in a disease that takes so much?

Too Little and Too Much Cancer Treatment

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Although I firmly believe that everyone should be in control of their own treatment decisions, I have observed that some people seem to seek too little treatment when they are first diagnosed and other people seek too much treatment at the end of their lives.

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I wish u knew… Skin cancer 101

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Dr. Miller discusses the need to change the perception that having tan skin makes you look healthy and the need for public health to address skin cancer.

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I wish u knew… The “C” word – why it’s so scary and how can you cope?

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Radiation Oncologist and cancer survivor, Keith Cengel, MD, discusses why cancer instills such fear and how he encourages survivors to cope with the fear of recurrence.