Survivorship: A Roadmap for Managing Fear [Webinar]

Live from Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s April Community Meeting on April 7th at 6:30PM ET! Listen to the audio archive and view the slides below. There is no video of the presentation.

Unfortunately, we experienced technical difficulties tonight that made it so callers could not hear the audio- we apologize!! The presentation was recorded. It is worth a listen; all who attended felt it was very helpful.

Deborah Seagull
During this free community meeting Deborah Seagull, PhD, will address the complex emotions you may be feeling as a woman diagnosed with breast cancer. Whether you are recently diagnosed or living with a history of breast cancer, Dr. Seagull will help you:

  • Address the complex emotions you may be feeling and what may trigger emotions of fear, sadness or anxiety
  • Discuss how feelings associated with your diagnosis may change and develop over time
  • Explore practical tools and tips to help you effectively manage and cope with these emotions


About Our Speaker

Deborah Seagull, PhD, earned her doctorate degree from the Derner Institute at Adelphi University in N.Y., specializing in psychoanalytic and health psychology. She worked at the cancer center at Pennsylvania Hospital for the 8 years, helping people diagnosed with cancer and their families cope with the illness. She is currently in private practice in Center City and continues to focus on this population.