Rodney Warner

Claiming to Do Their Utmost for Patients, Hospitals May Be Ignoring Work Related Injuries to Their Staff

Posted February 25th, 2015

Hospital marketing and advertising are designed to give you the warm fuzzies when it comes to their treatment and care. Wonderful, talented, experienced doctors and surgeons using state of the art technology to provide patients the best care in a warm, caring environment. That may or may not be the reality for the patient, but […]

Rodney Warner

Courage or Desperation?

Posted February 23rd, 2015

When I heard what the woman wanted, I thought to myself, you are out of your #^&*ing mind. I was an attorney at the time, working for another attorney and he was putting together a living will for her. We needed to know what level of medical care she wanted in case she couldn’t speak […]

Rodney Warner

Working and Cancer

Posted February 5th, 2015

Working means a lot to us. As important as is working is, living is even more important. Mixing working and cancer treatment can be difficult.

Rodney Warner

Hand Washing Saves Patients’ Lives

Posted January 20th, 2015

Medical Professionals Have Known for Over 150 Years Hand Washing Saves Patients’ Lives: Why are Unwashed Hands Still Killing Thousands of American Hospital Patients Every Year?