Spouses Should Support, Not Direct, Cancer Care

Posted April 28th, 2016

I frequently hear cancer patients say that a spouse or partner is adding stress to their lives by constantly expressing their own opinions as to what is best for the patient. Here are some examples: “You have to go to New York City for all of your cancer treatments. You can’t get good care anywhere […]

Rodney Warner

Everything Gives You Cancer

Posted April 22nd, 2016

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) may not sound familiar but you’ve heard of their research findings. They’re part of the World Health Organization (WHO) which is part of the United Nations. They’re the ones that recently announced bacon is in the same category of cancer risk as plutonium. One of America’s favorite […]


7 Reasons For Settling In And Venturing Out

Posted April 21st, 2016

My niece recently posted this to my Facebook page: “She was an adventurer at heart; but oh how she loved drinking this tea from this mug in this chair. Oh how she loved home.” My niece knows me well. Walking into my sweet little guest house rental, after being out of town for a week, I […]


5 Ways To Live An Extraordinary Life

Posted April 18th, 2016

Shortly after Hubby died, I read a book by Eugene O’Kelly, Chasing Daylight: How My Forthcoming Death Transformed My Life. O’Kelly was diagnosed with cancer and given maybe three months to live. His book is about what he wanted to accomplish and how he determined to live those remaining 100 days. It reads like a business book because O’Kelly […]

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Skin cream usage for radiation-related skin reactions: Internet-based survey

Skin cream usage for radiation-related skin reactions: An internet-based survey Please help us to better understand skin cream usage for patients who develop skin redness/irritation during radiation therapy by participating in our survey.