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The LIVESTRONG Care Plan is a "survivorship care plan" that is individualized based on the answers you provide in a brief questionnaire. In order to develop the most accurate plan of care, you may need to talk to your oncology team to have some details of your cancer therapy available:

  • Type of cancer
  • If you received radiation therapy, what type of cancer was this done for?
  • If you received chemotherapy, what medications were received?
  • If you underwent surgery, what procedures were done?

Develop a Survivorship Care Plan


OncoPilot: Navigating the Cancer Journey

A new diagnosis of cancer brings out a lot of emotions; all at a time when decisions need to be made that can affect the rest of your life. It is important for the patient to become an active member of his or her healthcare team. This guide has been developed to give you suggestions on ways to make this time easier and to help you make the best decisions. It is divided into sections that mirror the typical path a person with a new diagnosis might take. Not all sections will apply to you, so use those that fit your situation.

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    When I was going through treatment, I took an especial liking to the Weather Channel. My future was so uncertain. Live or die? In or out of the hospital? Sickness or health? It was a toss up. But no matter my situation, there was always tomorrow, and I was fairly certain I’d make it to…

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    Will the 5 people not affected by cancer in anyway please stand up? I have come to the conclusion that if there are 5 people in this country who don’t have cancer themselves or have any close relatives or friends with cancer, they have won the health lottery. I honestly believe that we are now…

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