• CancerLand Bookshelf: Songs from a Lead-Lined Room

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    Memoirs lined up on the CancerLand Bookshelf are often filled with powerful life lessons, painstakingly learned on the long journey to recovery. Last week, almost twelve years to the day after my own cancer diagnosis, I faced up to a daunting challenge that helped me finally make peace with my biggest cancer-related loss to date.…

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  • The Teddy Bear for Adults

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    Our lives are constantly changing. Sometimes that change is at a glacial speed. It’s just another day at the office. The same ‘ol same ‘ol every day. Sometimes that change is lightning fast and will forever impact your life. A lay off, the sudden death of a loved one, maybe a cancer diagnosis. The only…

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  • Lung Cancer Q&A – Brown Bag Chat

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    Ask the OncoLink experts your questions about lung cancer. You can submit questions ahead of time or during the live event. A transcript will be available after the event in case you miss it. Lung Cancer Q&A Experts include: • Tracey Evans, MD, Medical Oncologist & Assistant Professor at the Abramson Cancer Center • Jared…

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  • In the Name of Pinkness

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    I’m at the neighborhood Acme, standing in the produce aisle, reaching for some shiny red MacIntosh apples, when I hear a female voice behind me: Remind all the women in your life to get a mammogram… Startled, I drop the fruit into my shopping cart, look around the store, and try to figure out where…

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