Mucosal Coating Rinse (MuGard®)

Author: OncoLink Team
Last Reviewed: July 15, 2022

Pronounce: myoo-KOH-sul KOH-ting

Classification: Mucoadhesive Oral Wound Rinse

About: Mucosal Coating Rinse (MuGard®)

This medication works by adhering (sticking) to the mucosal surface of the mouth. By adhering to the outer layer of the inside of the mouth it creates a protective layer that covers any ulcers. It is used in the treatment of mucositis, stomatitis, and ulcers.

How To Use Mucosal Coating Rinse

Use the measuring device provided by your pharmacist with the medication to administer the correct dose. Put the medication into your mouth and gently rinse your entire mouth for at least one minute. If you have trouble swishing it around your mouth you can gently rotate your head so that the liquid covers all parts of the inside of your mouth. Once the inside of your entire mouth has been covered you can either spit out the remaining liquid or you can swallow it. Your provider will tell you how often you can use this medication.

It is important to maintain proper dental hygiene. You should not eat or drink for at least one hour after using this medication. Always check the expiration date prior to use. Also, you should not add any liquids to the medication prior to using it.

In rare cases, allergic reactions have been reported. If you have a new rash or hives, trouble breathing, swallowing or talking, or have new swelling, stop taking this medication and notify your provider right away.

Storage and Handling

This medication should be stored in the original, labeled container at room temperature out of direct sunlight. Keep containers out of reach of children and pets.

Where do I get this medication?

This medication is available through retail/mail order pharmacy. Your oncology team will work with your prescription drug plan to identify an in-network retail/mail order pharmacy for medication distribution. You can work with your provider’s office if this medication needs a prior authorization.

Insurance Information

This medication may be covered under your prescription drug plan. Patient assistance may be available to qualifying individuals without prescription drug coverage. Co-pay cards, which reduce the patient co-pay responsibility for eligible commercially (non-government sponsored) insured patients, may also be available. Your care team can help you find these resources, if they are available.

Possible Side Effects of Mucosal Coating Rinse

This medication is given to manage and/or prevent side effects of your cancer treatment. If you are having side effects from this medication you should talk to your team about if this medication is necessary to your treatment or if there are other options to help manage the side effect this medication is treating.

A less common, but important side effect includes a burning sensation of the mouth, mild stinging sensation (oral cavity), and oral inflammation (mild). If you experience any of these, contact your healthcare provider.

Reproductive Concerns

You should consult with your healthcare team prior to becoming pregnant, fathering a child or breastfeeding while receiving this medication.