Patient and Caregiver Peer Support/Mentoring Programs

Author: Christina Bach, MBE, MSW, LCSW, OSW-C
Last Reviewed: January 09, 2023

Connecting with another patient (peer) or caregiver who is experiencing the same cancer diagnosis can provide a great deal of support and connection. The websites listed below offer peer connection/mentoring programs for cancer patients and caregivers. Some treatment centers have their own peer/buddy programs available. Ask your social worker or navigator for a referral. Volunteering for a peer connection/mentoring/buddy program is also a great way for survivors to give back.

All Cancer Types

Imerman Angels

Provides one-on-one peer support among cancer fighters, survivors, and caregivers.

4th Angel

Matches patients and caregivers with trained volunteer mentors.

Cancer Hope Network

Provides one-on-one support to people undergoing treatment for cancer and to their families through training individuals who have recovered from cancer and matching them with cancer patients currently undergoing a similar experience

Friend 4 Life

To help persons recently diagnosed with cancer and their care partners navigate the path through diagnosis, treatment, and recovery by pairing them with a trained survivor of a similar experience.

Cancer-Type Specific

Blood Cancers-Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma, MDS

Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Patti Robinson Kaufmann First Connection Program

Breast Cancer

ACS Reach to Recovery

Living Beyond Breast Cancer Helpline

Young Survival Coalition Peer Mentoring

Pink Lotus Breast Buddies

Sharsheret Peer Support Network (BRCA+)

Lung Cancer

Go2 Foundation for Lung Cancer Phone Buddy Program

Lungevity LifeLine Support Partners

Colorectal Cancer

Colorectal Cancer Alliance Buddy Program

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance Woman to Woman (W2W) Program

Sharsheret Peer Support Network (BRCA+)

Prostate Cancer

ZeroCancer MENtor Program

Head and Neck Cancer

SPOHNC National Survivor Volunteer Network

Pancreatic Cancer

PanCan Survivor/Caregiver Network

Testicular Cancer

Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation

Testicular Cancer Society

1-on-1 Navigation and Support Program

Brain Tumors

American Brain Tumor Association


AIM at Melanoma Foundation Peer Connect Program

Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network Survivor to Survivor Program

Adolescents/Young Adults

Stupid Cancer (Digital) Meet-Ups

Offers space to connect with AYA peers coping with cancer.

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