Cancer Fighting Benefits of Foods Video Series

Author: with Nutrition Counselor Debra DeMille, MS, RD, CS
Content Contributor: Joan Karnell Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital
Last Reviewed: March 07, 2013

The Joan Karnell Cancer Center conducts supermarket tours specifically for cancer survivors. This is now available in five easy to view segments on our website, We invite you to view the tour in its entirety or by section.


A wide variety of produce is available in most grocery stores. This segment reviews the amount you should eat and the variety for cancer fighting benefits. If you are confused as to which produce to buy organic, a list is provided.

Cancer-Fighting Benefits of Eating Produce


It can be overwhelming to determine which products are whole grain items. This segment will give you a better understanding on reading food labels and choosing whole grains which will give the maximum benefit.

Cancer-Fighting Benefits of Eating Grains


This segment will examine the reason protein is important, foods that are good protein sources and which choices may be better than others. Preparation and portion sizes are discussed.

Cancer-Fighting Benefits of Eating Protein

Cancer Survivorship

What steps are important to take after treatment is over? The American Institute for Cancer Research guidelines are reviewed with suggestions provided.

Grocery Shopping for Cancer Survivors

Calling all breast cancer survivors

There are specific diet and lifestyle recommendations for women who are survivors of breast cancer. This section will bring clarity to some of therecent research specific for breast cancer survivors and steps to take now.

Diet & Lifestyle Recommendations for Breast Cancer Survivors

Breast Cancer Survivorship

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