Eat Your Herbs

Author: Debra DeMille, MS, RD, LDN
Last Reviewed: January 06, 2021

In this webinar Debra DeMille, MS, RD, LDN explains how herbs can be beneficial to your health and added to a healthy diet.

Eat Your Herbs

Debra DeMille, MS, RD, LDN, received her B.S. degree from the Univerisity of Illinois in Nutrition and Dietetics in 1982 and a master's degree in Health Administration from St. Joseph's University in 1992. She has worked at Pennsylvania Hospital for over 30 years and specifically with Pennsylvania Hospital's Abramson Cancer Center for 20 years. Debra is a frequent guest speaker at oncology conferences and has provided nutrition education to community groups and cancer specific patient support groups. Her primary specialty is oncology nutrition for individuals with head and neck cancer where she works closely with the multi-disciplinary team including physicians, nurse practitioners, speech language pathologists and physical therapists. Debra has also been conducting cooking classes on seasonal cooking for over 15 years. Debra not only has a personal interest in nutrition but also maintains an herb and vegetable garden when the season is right.

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