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The Prevention and Research Center at Mercy Medical Center

Survivors Served

Adult cancers (diagnosed after age 18)

Offer consultations to survivors who were not treated at the institution?


Program Name

Cancer Survivor Consultation Service

Program Director

Kathy J. Helzlsouer, MD, MHS

Program Coordinator

Susan Scarvalone, MSW, LCSW-C




227 St. Paul Place, 6th floor Weinberg Center
Baltimore, MD 21202

Appointments or new patient referrals


General clinic information


Serve all cancer types?


Survivors in this clinic are routinely seen by

Nurse Practitioner, Adult Oncologist, Multidisciplinary Team, Social worker

Which of the following eligibility criteria must survivors meet to be seen in the program?

We do not have any eligibility criteria for our survivorship program(s)

What model of care does the program use?

Consultative Service : One time, or additional upon request, visit to address survivorship issues, provide treatment summary, care plan and refer to subspecialties for further evaluation)., Follow-up care : Survivorship clinic assumes the follow up care of certain populations of cancer survivors after a certain time point

Does the institution offer special clinical programs (not just educational programs or inservices) addressing any of the following survivorship concerns?

Fatigue, Chemo-brain (Cognitive dysfunction), Lymphedema, Fertility concerns pre and/or post treatment, Male sexuality concerns, Female sexuality concerns, Cardiac late effects, Cancer or treatment related pain, Neurologic late effects (radiculopathy, plexopathy, neuropathy, myopathy, autonomic dysfunction), Psychosocial concerns / counseling, Nutritional issues, Speech and swallowing, Bladder dysfunction / Pelvic rehabilitation, Sleep disturbance, Diarrhea / bowel dysfunction, Smoking cessation, Primary care specialized in survivor care

More information about this clinic not captured above?

The service includes: a thorough review of medical history and cancer treatment; recommendations for long-term cancer surveillance; monitoring and treatment recommendations to address physical and psychological effects of cancer treatment; attention to psychosocial needs; referral to resources and supportive services; and individualized healthcare plan, tailored to each patient's treatment course and concerns, developed and shared with the patient and his/her healthcare providers.

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