School Re-entry After Cranial Radiation Therapy

Posted April 20th, 2018

This webinar focuses on considerations for parents coping with their children re-entering school after cranial radiation therapy.   Iris Paltin, PhD is a Pediatric Neuropsychologist at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. She works with the neuro-oncology and pediatric Proton Therapy programs.  

How to Say the Wrong Thing

Posted April 18th, 2018

I’ve heard so many unbelievably wrong things throughout my cancer career, I’m no longer shocked. Some comments are so wrong they aren’t worth noting here—they’re not likely to occur to most people. Would you tell a cancer patient you wish you could have chemotherapy because you need to lose weight? No? Because you know that’s […]

Decoding the Alphabet Soup of Medical Decision Making

Posted April 16th, 2018

April 16th is National Health Care Decisions Day (NHDD). This day focuses its efforts on increasing knowledge of medical decision making and advance care planning. Advance care planning includes living wills and health care power of attorney or surrogate decision maker. These documents are important for EVERYONE to have. Not just older people or those […]

Understanding Food Experiences

Posted April 13th, 2018

For my second blog post, I want to lay the foundation of what Cooking for Chemo is and what makes it unique. The temptation with everything medical or scientific is that we, in our present day and age and possibly always, seek the comfort of a bulleted solution list without proper understanding of the mechanisms […]

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