Compassion: A Necessary Tool

Posted June 14th, 2018

This past weekend my older brother, Jim, graduated from medical school. And while this is primarily a “nursing” blog, the pride, insight, and motivation I walked away with from his graduation ceremony deserves to be shared. Aside from being a proud little sister, I stood in awe at these brilliant minds processing before their family […]

It’s OK to Talk About Your Mental Health

Posted June 11th, 2018

I was walking into work the other morning. Stopped at a red light, I glanced at my phone, where I read, “Anthony Bourdain dead of apparent suicide.” I screamed out loud, “NOOOO!” This isn’t a person I know or have ever met. But he hung out in my living room and took me to places […]

Suicide and Cancer: We want to help.

Posted June 8th, 2018

I woke up this morning to the news of another celebrity death from suicide. Suicide affects people of all ages, genders, ethnicities and so on. Suicide does not discriminate. I want to give you some facts: In the year 2016, almost 45,500 suicides occurred in the United States Not all people who commit suicide have a […]

Pets are Cancer Survivors Too: Greta’s Story

Greta was adopted by her mom, Janine, in March of 2013. She was around six years old and had made the trek from Alabama to New York City to find her forever home. Not much is known about Greta’s life before she was adopted, but one thing was certain, she had hit the jackpot with […]

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