Rodney Warner

Your Taxpayer Dollar Not Helping Cancer Patients (But Helping the Defense Industry)

Posted February 4th, 2016

It’s election time once again and I’m not sure there’s a Republican Presidential candidate who doesn’t want to spend more money on defense. Spending in the federal budget is an indication of the administration’s priorities. To put things into perspective this year’s budget for the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is slightly over $5 billion. This […]

Rodney Warner

You May Not Be Getting the Chemo You Need and Your Doctor Isn’t Telling You About It

Posted February 1st, 2016

Many chemo drugs are being rationed and some of those who need them aren’t getting them. Some of the doctors aren’t telling their patients about the problem, according to a recent article in the New York Times. Welcome to the “ignorance is bliss” world of modern medicine. The article discusses the shortages of many types of […]

Rodney Warner

Coupons Lowering the Price of Your Meds May Lead to Insurers Dropping Them from Your Plan

Posted December 29th, 2015

There is no free lunch but there is no shortage of marketing gimmicks from the pharmaceutical industry. Big Pharma would like you to know how warm and cuddly it is and one way is to brag about coupons it offers to lower the price of your meds and its “patient assistance” programs. You definitely could […]

Keeping Busy

Posted December 8th, 2015

I enjoy baking. It takes my mind off of the more stressful things in my life. At one point one of those things was cancer. I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma at the end of 2000. Two years later I had gotten into remission and relapsed twice. Things were looking pretty grim and I had […]

Rodney Warner

Where Are the Adults in the Room?

Posted November 20th, 2015

I saw a show on magic on TV last night. One point that was covered was the misunderstanding of misdirection. It’s thought that magicians get away with their tricks by misdirecting the audience’s attention to one thing while they do something else. The reality is they focus the audience’s attention on one thing and our […]

Rodney Warner

Giver of Care

Posted November 19th, 2015

Every cancer patient ideally should have a care giver. One who can look after the person, get him or her to appointments and help them with their physical and emotional needs. Not everyone is so lucky. Through the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society I volunteer to speak to people dealing with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, something I had […]

Rodney Warner

You Might Be Better Off Eating Dirt

Posted October 20th, 2015

If you want to start a business selling herbal or dietary supplements there’s nothing to stop you. Make whatever claims you want, include any promises you see fit, there are virtually no regulations on this industry. Want to claim it cures or prevents cancer? Go for it! Promise it will cleanse your body of chemotherapy? […]

Rodney Warner

Wellness Programs: A $6 Billion Sham?

Posted March 12th, 2015

A “wellness program” is a program by an employer often sold as a way to make employees healthier by offering them incentives to lose weight or stop destructive habits like smoking.

Rodney Warner

The Bird in the Wall

Posted March 10th, 2015

We’re trying to find solutions to problems that don’t exist, because we don’t step back, look at the facts objectively and make rational decisions. Misdiagnosed of cancer.

Rodney Warner

Claiming to Do Their Utmost for Patients, Hospitals May Be Ignoring Work Related Injuries to Their Staff

Posted February 25th, 2015

How do hospitals care for their caregivers, like nurses, nurses aides and others? Maybe not as well as they should. Are they ignoring work related injuries?