Treatment Binder Codes

A treatment binder code is a shortcode for a group of "standard" handouts. By using the code, the tool will auto-select all the handouts included with that code.

Below is a list of currently available Treatment Binder Codes. Click on a code to view more details on what is included.

Don't see what you are looking for? Submit a request for a new code!

How do I use the codes?
  • Use the disease filter to jump to codes for that cancer type.
  • Find the code that matches the regimen or treatment your patient is getting.
  • You can click on the description to view all the handouts included in that standard binder code.
  • You can then:
    • use the "build" button to jump back to the builder page and auto-select the handouts for that code.
    • OR you can make note of the code and type it into the standard codes box on the binder builder page. 
  • You can then add or remove any handouts and use the download/build button to create the binder.

**If you are using a white label/branded binder or an EPIC tool, you cannot use the "build" button. Please copy the code into your tool.