How to Use the Treatment Binder Builder

Author: OncoLink Team
Last Reviewed: June 14, 2022

How to Use the Binder Builder

1. Click the handout filter in the second blue box for the patient’s cancer type.

2. Check off handouts to include in the binder. You can jump ahead to a category of handouts using the "Handouts" drop down at the top.

3. Use the “Medicines” dropdown at the top to choose any medications to include.

4. Click "Create a Cover Page" at the top to add or remove the cover sheet.

5. Click “Binder” at the top to see your choices and download the binder in English or Spanish.

6. Ready to create another binder? Click the blue "create new binder" button to clear all your selections and start over.

This video will walk you through the design and how to create a binder for your patient.

How to Use the Treatment Binder Builder (Video)

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